Use of Patient Registry Data in Product Development (Registry Research)

Service Benefit:

The company can test the software products it develops with genuine patient data. Patient information is pseudonymous, meaning that personally identifiable information has been removed.

Service description:

For example, when developing models based on machine learning for image analytics, the algorithm is first given data asking it to make decisions based on that. After this, a different set of data is used to determine how the well the model learned. Testing with real patient data is possible by applying for permission to use patient data (data permit). You will first ask the Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) information service if the data you need is available and then you will apply for a data permit at the HUS research service. Once the permit is granted, the data will be available for processing in HUS's certified and scalable virtual research and analytics environment for secure processing of health data (HUS Acamedic).


Possibility to use patient registry data according to the data permit.