Proof of Concept (PoC)

Service Benefit:

Proof of Concept (PoC) means the validation of a particular method or idea to demonstrate its suitability. This ensures that the starting point for development is a solution to the customer's real problem. Being able to anticipate the need for and demand for a product or service significantly reduces the risk of wasting resources and business potential. 

Service Description:

A PoC is usually small and incomplete but can be used to demonstrate the functionality of a theory. In validating a concept for a specific use, customers are tested to see if a particular product or service concept is interesting, attractive and functional for them. If the product concept has already been concretized, users can test it in advance. This is to find out whether the product is interesting and functional even in real use situations. The more the concept can be compared to competing products - that is, benchmarked - the better and more reliably it can be tested. Concept validation research is usually a concise and rapid process. Typically, concept validation is done as a qualitative study. It makes use of discussions and co-development, for example. 

Please, note:

This is not a clinical trial.