Usability Evaluation in the Target Environment

Service Benefit:

Usability evaluations ensure that your product or service can be used without errors. 

We conduct both formative as well as summative evaluations of the usability of the user interface.

Formative evaluation of the usability of the user interface is:

  • conducted with the intent to explore user interface design strengths, weaknesses, and unanticipated use errors.
  • performed iteratively throughout the design and development process

Once formative usability evaluations have been conducted at the concept or prototype stage, it is likely that the product will no longer have significant usability problems at the end of the development process when it is time for the summative evaluation of the usability of the user interface.

Summative evaluation of the usability of the user interface is:

  • conducted at the end of the user interface development with the intent to obtain objective evidence that the user interface can be used safely

Service Description:

We can find users for you that are best suited to your needs to test your product or service in a real environment. The following test environments are available: 

  • Metropolia Simulation Hospital (Surgery Department, Maternity ward, Ward, Intensive Care Unit, Ambulance)
  • Early Childhood Education (Metropolia Sensory Room)
  • Laboratory (Metropolia)
  • Radiography and Radiotherapy (Metropolia)
  • Optometry (Metropolia)
  • Oral Health Care (Metropolia)
  • Movement and Physical activity (Metropolia Center of Biomechanics and Movement)
  • Equipment Maintenance (Metropolia) 
  • Home Care (Metropolia, Home Care of the City of Helsinki)
  • Elderly Care and Gerontological Care (Metropolia, City of Helsinki: Kustaankartano Senior Center, Myllypuro Senior Center)
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (City of Helsinki: Kalasatama Health and Well-being Centre)
  • Family and Social Services (Family and Social Services of the City of Helsinki)

If necessary, we will make a research plan for you and apply for an ethical review of the research, as well as assist you in making official reports. 

We carry out usability evaluations for your product according to the IEC 62366-1 standard.


Usability Evaluation Report